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Well, hello there readers!

If you are currently a high school student, I’m sure you’ll be able to understand the weird turn life has made in the past few years. What happened to having no responsibilities? What happened to that acceptable nonchalant attitude towards life? Now, every second of life is filled with something to do, whether it be studying, extracurriculars, or even just chilling with friends.

I’m constantly trying to add new dimensions into my life, trying out new activities, setting goals for myself and reaching towards them. Learning is my impetus. I love attaining new skills, polishing existing ones, or even just finding new skills to learn. Hence this blog.

This blog aspires to document the adventures and experiences of my high school life. I’ll be sharing my thoughts, ideas, advice, and stories about being a international high school student, balancing academic work while cultivating my life to be as colorful as possible.

So stay tuned, readers!


Reading Non-fiction

What I’ve forgotten to mention in my last post is the fact that I still read a lot…but most of what I read nowadays is non-fiction. Or, in other words, textbooks.

Reading non-fiction is tremendously different from reading fiction. In it, you’re not immersed in a story, you’re not relating to the characters, you’re not being transported away in another world. In other words, it doesn’t provide the emotional roller coaster that fiction does, and hence, not the pleasure either.

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On Reading

Books are a gateway to another, miraculous world. What other device can transport you across the universe to another galaxy in a matter of seconds? What other can shapeshift you into an animal, a king, a heroine, or whatever you aspire to be? When reading, I am swept away by the pages of the book, carries by the currents of the story, drowning happily in words. I am always captivized by the power of books, often reading for hours on end, curled up in my blanket on my bed, deep in the drama of a story.

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With the end of the school year approaching, discussions about the yearbook is on everyone’s lips. After all, one of the best traditions of the end of school (aside from, you know, ending school) is signing yearbooks. Every year, I would dedicate a good day or two to circulating my yearbook around the hands of all my friends, classmates, and teachers. Getting back a yearbook filled with signatures and personalized notes just makes me feel exhilerated, as if people actually cared about me throughout this whole year! All right, maybe not to that extreme, but it’s always nice to preserve memories of your classmates and teachers of this year.

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